Paisely. A Princely Pattern

Dori’s majestic creation COME, OH BRIDE, currently shown at the
PAISELY. A PRINCELY PATTERN exhibition at The Museum for Islamic Art, in Jerusalem.

History shows that the Paisley pattern began its way back in ancient Persia,
where it served as an aristocratic symbol of kings and nobles.
Later, when it became popular around the world, as one of the iconic and beloved patterns.

“My immediate association with the paisley theme was the mother of pearl.
Combining the two, both with long traditions, into a contemporary piece of jewelry
was the natural thing for me”.

“The entire necklace is created with a unique, hand stitched, needlework technique, which connects different materials to textile silky ribbons.
I have developed this technique for years, since I graduated in fabric design
at the Shenkar College (first promotion), and apply it to design and produce,
at my studio in Tel Aviv, my jewelry brand that is marketed all over the world”

“Mother-of-pearl shell in various cuts, cabochons, beads and chips;
Metal elements, dyed and woven leather ribbons, Miyuki beads;
are the materials I used to create this collectible piece”.         
Size: 33X48 cm at the shoulders